It's nearly all over - how was National Careers Week for you?
Throughout National Careers Week the Yes Programme has been highlighting the importance of giving children access to suitable careers guidance at an early age. Read on for more...
National Careers Week might be coming to an end, but the important work of helping young people find the inspiration that leads to a rewarding career goes on. At the Yes Programme we focus on giving KS2 students an early insight into the world of work, linking the jobs they see with the subjects they're already learning, but of course we support everyone working in 
careers, whatever age of student they are trying to inspire. One organisation which may have something to offer many young people is the Careers and Enterprise Company. It's run by business people who give children structured, hands-on insight into the world of work. Their enterprise advisers are volunteers who help develop "powerful, lasting connections between local businesses and the schools and colleges". The Careers and Enterprise Company has £20m of government funding behind it. If you want to find out more, take a look at their website.
Organisations around the country have marked National Careers Week in a number of different ways. Careers Wales have listed their 32 most unusual careers requests. Most of them seem like good solid jobs to us. Apart from maybe ghost hunter. Or vampire.

The Yes Programme has been supporting National Careers Week as part of its mission to help primary school children Connect Learning to Life. To find out more, please either visit our website, send us an email at or give us a call on 0844 809 9395. Thanks.

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