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The YES Programme is an online work-related teaching resource that provides extensive, easy-to-use, content consisting of bespoke films and associated lesson material. Schools pay an annual subscription fee to make the YES Programme accessible to all staff, both in and outside of school. Teachers can display the resources on interactive whiteboards, desktops, tablets or laptops in classrooms, libraries or resource centres.


Core Films

3 – 5 minute films linking a curriculum topic to a job featuring someone using that exact same curriculum skill in their role; resources can be searched by National Curriculum subject and key words.


Lesson Sheets

These are supportive resources for teachers. Each film and topic featured will be provided with a lesson sheet, prepared by the Yes Programme’s team of curriculum specialists, that suggests classroom activities, potential class discussions and industry related facts.



We provide an ongoing range of support; technical help - the YES Programme team manages all logins and provides technical and user support, training days, email alerts when new films or resources are added, a newsletter highlighting YES Programme innovations and examples of how the programme is being implemented in other schools.

First Product Release – January 2013

Key Stage 2

A total of 90 films and teacher resource packs covering Maths, English and Science.



Second Product Release – Coming Soon

Key Stage 1

A total of 45 films and teacher resource packs covering Maths, English and Science.



Third Product Release – Coming Soon

Key Stage 2

Approximately 60 - 80 films covering the remaining curriculum subjects.


Lesson: Upper KS2 Maths. Topic: Area

Job match: Surveyor

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