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Here are a range of frequently asked questions relating to the YES Programme resources. Click on a question to reveal the answer. If the topic you're looking for isn't available in this section, please contact us or alternatively email our support team:

  • Q: Who produces the resources?

    A: The resources are produced entirely by the YES Programme in-house team. We are a cross - disciplinary team of filmmakers, educationalists and business people.

  • Q: How soon can I use the YES Programme once I sign up?

    A: We aim to approve and activate your account as soon as possible. This usually happens within 1-2 hours but can take up to
    24 hours during busy periods. If your account hasn't been activated after 24hrs, please use the contact form to get in touch.

  • Q: The National Curriculum is changing - will the materials still be relevant?

    A: At the YES Programme our aim and ethos is to provide material that is up-to-date and in line with any changes made by national education guidelines. Resources will therefore be revised and updated accordingly. In addition we have constantly rolling production, which means that we make new films on a regular basis, allowing exploration of new jobs in emerging industries and future jobs as well as the production of resources to meet the requirement of the changed curriculum.

  • Q:  Can I add my own or colleagues' resources to the programme?

    A: We don't enable direct uploads of materials but are happy to consider adding any resources to the site on your behalf, which we will do centrally.

  • Q: Have they been trialled with learners?

    A: Yes, all our films are overseen by our team of education specialists and trialled with learners. Our research and development of the programme resources are ongoing.

  • Q: What are the copyright restrictions on films that I stream and the lesson plans that I download from the programme?

    A: All our material is copyright of the YES Programme and therefore normal copyright restrictions apply for the use of educational material. Our material can be used only as a teaching resource for learners in schools and not for any commercial purpose.

  • Q: Do you have any support or guidance materials for teachers in how to use the programme?

    A: The YES Programme is designed to be easy to use and requires little documentation. However, we do provide online and live demonstrations of how to use the resources. We can also offer bespoke workshops. Please contact us for more information.

  • Q: How often do you update resources?

    A: The YES Programme is a growing bank of curriculum- connected films and resources that will be updated on a regular basis. We promise that our Programme is and will remain relevant to and in line with the National Curriculum.

  • Q: Do you provide any way of us measuring the impact of the programme on learners' progress and outcomes?

    A: Future developments including a bespoke student platform will bring additional features to the programme. The YES Programme will be subject to academic review of impact and we will share this with both our existing and prospective clients.

  • Q: Which Key Stages are covered?

    A: Our initial offering, in January 2012, is Key Stage 2 curriculum subjects, Maths, English and Science. The rest of the Primary curriculum will be rolled out by September 2013.

  • Q: Which National Curriculum subjects are covered?

    A: At Primary level we are providing Key Stages 1 and 2 for English, Maths and Science. However we will eventually be rolling out all statutory National Curriculum Subjects for Key Stage 2.

  • Q: Which careers or occupations are covered?

    A: Our aim is to provide a wide ranging number of careers and professions. We present ethnically diverse and non-gender specific roles which reflect the society we live in today. Sectors covered include manufacturing, outdoor, rural, creative industries, STEM careers, service industry, freelance roles and entrepreneurial work.

  • Q: Who can access the programme and where?

    A: Teachers at school and out of school.

  • Q: Can schools suggest changes or additions to the programme?

    A: Certainly, we welcome suggestions from schools and teachers on how we can improve the Programme and provide material that is easy and effective to use in lessons. The teachers’ platform allows teachers to contact us by email, alternatively, please contact us on: 0844 809 9395. We want to hear from you.



Here are a range of frequently asked questions relating to technical support. Click on a question to reveal the answer. If the topic you're looking for isn't available in this section, please contact us or alternatively email our support

  • Q: What IT resources does the school need?

    A: It is recommended that computers accessing the YES Programme have an up-to-date browser installed. We support: Internet Explorer 7.0+, FireFox 2.0+, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

  • Q: Is there any technical support?

    A: Yes, technical support enquiries should be emailed to:

  • Q: Can the programme be integrated with/added on to my school Virtual Learning Environment?

    A: We are currently working on this. More information will be available soon.

  • Q: Who do I get in touch with if I have any problems or questions?

    A: You can talk to our technical support team via email on:

  • Q: Can I try out The YES Programme?

    A: Yes - you can trial the programme free for 14 days.

  • Q: How do I sign up for a trial of the programme?

    A: Please visit the Subscriptions page and follow the instructions in the Free trial box.

  • Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Please visit the Subscriptions page and follow the instructions in the Free trial box.

  • Q:  I can access the site but I can’t stream the films.

    A: Some schools may block access to video content. Please contact your IT support and request that they ‘white list’ our content. Click here if you need our support with this.

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