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We aim to provide a powerful service that assists you in the need to prepare learners for life beyond school. With high youth unemployment and concerns about access to Higher Education in the UK today, it has never been more important to actively engage young people in recognising the links between education and training and the possibilities offered in the world of work for personal fulfilment and wider contribution to the community, society and to economic success.


Designed to be embedded into the school curriculum, our innovative Programme offers students a window into the world of work, helping them to "connect learning to life". We are a team of passionate educationalists (teachers, consultants, filmmakers, broadcasters) and our mission is to produce resources which enable teachers to provide a motivating, inspiring and ambitious window into the world of work.

1. We support teachers and young people by providing them with appropriate, empowering content: all the films have been originally and carefully designed to fit the Programme by filmmakers and teachers. The films are appropriate to each age group, and they are safe; we are not an aggregator of other people's films.


2. Through our resources, we aim to raise the aspirations and broaden the horizons of young people and understand the importance of recognising inclusion and diversity in society.


3. We recognise the demands on teacher time and strive to ensure our resources are easy to access, navigate, and use.


4. The YES Programme is a resource to support teachers present the connection between what students learn at school and what careers are available to them. Through interesting and engaging teaching, the YES Programme can bring career education into the heart of the classroom.

  • Sonita Alleyne, CEO and Founder

    Sonita is an entrepreneur with a passion for skills, education, employment and learning. For the past twenty years her career has combined being at the helm of one of the UK’s most inventive cross platform media companies, Somethin’ Else, which she founded at the age of 24. In addition she contributed, as a member of the National Employment Panel on the issue of employability and access to work. She was brought up in East London and believes that getting a good education and meeting some inspirational teachers, who made connections to the frankly frightening and unknowable life that started on her last day of school, was key to her success.


    Sonita’s firm belief that we all have a responsibility to make the point of transition from school to work better for each and every child, has driven the inventiveness and innovation of the YES Programme.


    Sonita believes that by embedding a knowledge of careers and future roles in schools as a natural part of lessons, from an early age and in an appropriate manner, the YES Programme will help children make the connection between what they do in school and what they could choose to do in life. Teachers can and do give children inspiration by providing a natural foundation of knowledge and awareness. The YES Programme provides the resource that is missing.

  • Liz Cleaver, Non Executive Director

    Liz is currently a Digital Consultant, Chair of the Reading Agency and the Interchange Trust, Trustee of Crisis, The Royal Free Charity and Historic Royal Palaces, which she took up in May 2011.  She has vast knowledge and experience of educational multi-platform content, her passion for literacy and reading and the promotion of those subjects is unwavering. Liz finished her 26 year BBC career as Controller for Learning where she was responsible for successfully implementing some of the most successful BBC Education content. Highlights include; Bitesize a GCSE online revision product which is currently used by over 75% of learners in the UK, and RaW a campaign to get people reading. Previously Liz, set up and ran interactive Factual & Learning which created groundbreaking, award-winning multi-platform content, including Springwatch, Walking With Beasts, CDX and Coast mobile.

David Illes

Headteacher Richard de Clare Primary School (Retired)


‘I think this programme could be so important to the future... a generation or so ago in a small town such as this, there was a clear route to employment...people knew what they were doing… We honestly don’t know what the future holds… we have no idea what these children will be doing, it’s probably not even been invented yet… anything which opens their eyes…and brings them access to these generic skills that we all need in life - in the home and everywhere else - and makes them happy, that’s what we are after.’


Martin James

Assistant Headteacher, Richard de Clare Primary School


'School is a means to an end and what they are learning here is important.'


Cathy Mowat 

Parent, Myland Primary School


'The clips are very well put together.'


Jacqueline Wilde 

Parent Governor, Richard de Clare Primary School


'You can actually bring life into the classroom.'


Robert Perry

Deputy Headteacher, Myland Primary School


'Sometimes children have no idea about careers and what exists other than what they see on the telly or what their parents do.'


Jessica Carter

Student Teacher


'They need to know to aim high.'


Mark Claydon

Teacher, Richard de Clare Primary School


'You want something that is nice and easy to use in the classroom.'

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