Welcome to the YES Programme.
A career-linked learning resource that  gives primary learners a bespoke, engaging and motivating window into the world of work. We aim to broaden the horizons of learners and help them to “connect learning to life”.

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  • What is The YES Programme?

    Learners and teachers have access to high quality, content-rich, professionally-produced films that show real people discussing:


    How their job relates to learners’ lives.


    How they directly use the skills taught in lessons in their job and career pathways.


    The programme supports:


    Independent learning. All resources are mapped across the National Curriculum.


    Subject teaching and cross-curricular delivery of Maths, English, Science and other subjects.


    Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE).


    Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance in line with the new statutory requirements for schools.


    Learners in acquiring an early insight into the world of work, in line with the expectations of the Raised Participation Age.

  • How is it delivered?

    Online through a secure web portal, accessed in school or outside school.  All you need is internet access.

  • Who is it for?

    The YES Programme is for Primary School learners.


    The Primary offering consists of resources provided for Key Stage 1 and 2 and are linked to the National Curriculum.


    It is currently in production and the first phase of content will be launched in January 2013. At Primary level the resources provide real-life illustrations of the relevance of classroom learning to the world of work. They also introduce learners to the concept of work and different job roles.


    At Key Stage 1, resources cover the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. Contributors are drawn from a world that is already familiar to learners of this age.


    At Key Stage 2, the entire National Curriculum will be offered. The films are closely linked to curriculum-based topic work; contributors also talk about how their interests at Primary School relate to their later career.


    All the films are graded according to upper and lower Key Stages.

  • How can it be used in learning?

    The resources offer learners diverse and stimulating material, allowing a perspective into the world of work beyond the limits of their background and helping them to imagine a different future.
    This can be particularly motivating for learners who are at risk of becoming disengaged. It can also help raise the aspirations of learners who lack ambition and self confidence and who do not have positive work role models.
     The medium of film appeals to different learning styles and can enhance engagement in the classroom - acting as a stimulus for discussion, debate and independent investigation and learning.  It also allows learners to demonstrate their speaking and listening skills at every Key Stage.  The materials can be introduced into subject lessons to support particular topics in addition to independent project work and cross-curricular projects.
    The resources lay an early foundation in supporting the learner before Secondary School delivery of Careers Education and Information, Advice and Guidance. 

  • What are teachers saying about the programme?

    "The best thing about The YES Programme is that it gives learning in the classroom a "real-life" context".


    "It brings "visitors" into the classroom with ease".


    "It is inspirational, providing ideas for young people regarding future possibilities".


    "The films provide good cross-curricular links with Design Technology, Literacy, Numeracy and Science".


    "The videos evoke discussion of the subjects you need to get on in life, literacy and numeracy skills and how other hands-on activities can help you develop knowledge".


    "Children like the visual aspect of the lesson, with real people talking about something they are passionate about. Learning is made fun".


    Video testimonials can be accessed on the About us page by clicking the testimonials tab.